DJ Stylus (The Dez)

DJ Stylus AKA The Dez:

Trained in house at the revolutionary Beatzradio Studio, DJ Stylus has become a popular DJ for our Live To Air, and in the club DJ shows. Specializing in Club Bangers, Top 40 and Mash Ups, Stylus spins the greatest Beatz to get the dance floor rowdy.  Always a crowd pleaser, check him out live on the 1’s and 2’s at a club near you. You can also check him out during our Live broadcasts right here on

 As well as a regular DJ with, DJ Stylus is also a regular on air personality known to listeners as “The Dez”. The Dez is the host of the always entertaining Evening Fiasco weeknights on The Evening Fiasco is home to the no fluff, no filler, and no Justin Bieber guarantee. Be sure to check out the widely popular Dez Sayz segment where someone, or something, get ripped apart in a uncensored rant as only The Dez can deliver.


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