Benjamin Beatz

Benjamin Beatz 

Benjamin Beatz started his fascination with music and equipment at a young age. At The age of 11 he took on his first gig, Djing for his own grade 6 farewell party. In his junior high years he DJ’d almost all of his junior high dances, started Djing at a restaurant, and house parties. By the age of 13 he taught himself to spin and mix vinyl, picking up his first set of tables. Soon after he partnered in his first DJ Company, and DJ'd events ranging from house parties,weddings, to dances, and corporate Christmas parties. In high school he DJ’d on the school radio, and his career would take off. After high school he took up professional training with AAME (Alberta Association of Mobile Entertainers), and banded and Co-found an urban rap group widely known as CV’s Finest. The Group started with about 5 members and became a huge family with over ten. It was one of the original members who gave him his name Benjamin Beatz; being the group’s only original in house music producer. Shortly after the member who gave the name died; however Benjamin Beatz was born. With the experience of 15 years; making music, handling equipment and over 300 shows under his belt it will prove Benjamin Beatz as a knowledgeable professional.

Make sure to check him out on the Beatz Drive time from 2pm to 7pm, and the Beatz Drive time mix @ 6 with guests dj's daily.


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