DJ Xes

DJ Xes
My first night Djing was when I was 5.  My parents had gotten me a mobile turntable and my favorite ABBA record.  Anywhere I could get someone to listen I would cue up Dancin' Queen, Money Money Money or Gimme Gimme Gimmee a Man after Midnight.  From there I got into instrumentation, learned how to play guitar, bass, harmonica, drums, started university on Van isle and took music for my first year before transferring to psychology.  Half way to becoming a psychologist I realized it's not my talent.  180'd and got myself a set of turntables and a camera. 
So these days I work professionally doing photography, videography and spinning.  I currently spin on Serato with a Denon set up but I would like to integrate Ableton in the near future.  Ableton is what I use for studio recording and original music composition.  Styles I typically spin are Top 40 remix, Reggae, Trance, Romanian House & Dirty Electro, but it's all about what the crowd loves.
DJ-wise, my future ambitions are to carry Benjamin Beatz to the West Coast and start setting up shows for us in Vancouver and Victoria.  I eventually would also like to start introducing Sub20hz


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